If your business, large or small, is not connected on social media I would say you have a major game of catch up to play. Aside from being a relatively inexpensive way to reach out to your existing advocates, social media also allows you to establish your brand on multitude of platforms each complete with a sea full of potential customers. (More like an ocean, there are so many, but you get the point.) Check out these other awesome benefits of social media your business has been missing out on; the list includes but is not limited to: lead generations, listening channels, SEO building, customer-relationship management, increased loyalty and the ability for your brand to create a personal presence. (Whew, try saying all that in one breath.)

Now that you have seen what you’ve been missing out on, the time has come that you realize it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. As a late bloomer, you are probably very anxious to reap the benefits of your newly born social media presence. This is where many businesses become frustrated. The truth of the matter is, creating your brand’s social media presence will not be an overnight success. I cannot stress enough to have patience in your future social media campaigns. It is often heavily debated whether it is possible to measure the ROIon a brand’s social endeavors. Although, it is possible, it will take a great deal of time before the cash starts flowing in and here’s why.

In order to reach your audience, you need to spend an adequate amount of time researching the best way to connect with them. For some brands, Facebook may not be the appropriate platform. Perhaps LinkedIn or Pinterest will be better equipped to handle the social needs of your company.
Once you have determined which social networks you wish to host your brand on, the effort must be made to unify your branding across the board. You want to create a consistent message of who your company is to your followers and you want your company to be easy for your followers to find.

Now that your pages are up and running with a fresh coat of paint, the moneybags should start rolling on in, right? Not quite.Now it is time to build content and trust in the community. Before content can be developed, you must build your community of followers and listen to what they are saying in order to create content that is compelling. Reach out to existing groups on social platforms, provide them with information that doesn’t directly point back to your company and eventually you will become a trusted symbol with a built up following. It is now that you may begin to roll out a few promotional items. (Go ahead, toot your own horn!) Just remember, to continue sharing vital information relating to your community to keep a certain level of trust and respect. Respond to your followers. Be social. (That’s the point of it right?) In order to keep the cash flowing, it is important to continually listen to your followers and capitalize on your brand advocates. Word of mouth travels faster than you think. If you can make a truly great experience for someone who has considerable “Klout” to their name, and they share their experience, your brand has the ability to be golden.

Last but not least, remember, “good things come to those who wait”. If you are looking for assistance in your brand’s social efforts, we can help. Contact the experts at Atomic Design and Consulting or give us a call (972) 668-3867.

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