Over the last 10 years, Atomic has enjoyed numerous mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with PR firms and Media Buying agencies. These relationships are a win, win, win! The end client gets the expert advice and professional execution needed, without all of the hassle of coordinating consults, monitoring production, and responding to every little question a designer or developer might submit throughout the production process. Many times, they may not even know how to respond. Just one more benefit of utilizing an industry professional from a PR firm or marketing agency.

The PR Agency wins as they typically have little interest in the cost of retaining an in house production staff and carrying the burden of managing their activity and performance. It also allows for the freedom to maintain multiple digital media partnerships. This can be helpful when trying to find just the right developer who matches the end client’s needs or simply meshes well with the personalities involved.

The relationship proves even more critical when you consider the synergy which a single point of contact can bring to your overall marketing strategy. Often times, brands can end up with conflicting branding, messaging or imagery out in the marketplace simultaneously. Assigning a point person who audits the synergy between print, digital, and broadcast media, can eliminate this potential issue from ever occurring.

The partnership also allows both parties to shine the spotlight on one another. Highlighting the victories or great results and recommendations each company has brought to the equation. We strive to make our agency partners look like a hero in the eyes of their clients. We do this by, meeting production timelines, going above and beyond minimum requirements, even taking a bullet once in a while. When we accomplish this, we can rest assured that the partner will come back looking for a quote on their next opportunity.

The final winner is, (Atomic) the digital media agency. By producing incredible results and executing top notch digital media services, on time and on budget, our agency is able to forge lasting relationships with repeat business opportunities. This results in a reduction of the cost of finding new business and increases production efficiency. Not to mention pre-determined budgets and the lack of negotiation which typically takes place when attempting to reach an agreement on web production or a search engine optimization campaign with a provider you’ve never done business with before.

There is also a great sense of trust and security involved when the digital marketing and media communications providers have a pre-existing working relationship. They’re familiar with each others capabilities and competencies. Allowing the client to move forward with confidence and eliminating the uncertainty of who to award their project.  Wouldn’t it be nice if all business decisions were able to be made in this manner?  Let us know if you are interested in partnering with Atomic!

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