Don’t call it a comeback because they never left! It looks like LinkedIn is about to see a whole lot more traffic. LinkedIn has started allowing businesses to post status updates like Facebook Pages, which begs the question, how is it different?

LinkedIn, in my opinion, has been the ugly duckling of the big social media outlets and I think this is going to get them back on the right track to becoming that beautiful swan. The problem with LinkedIn was the disconnect between businesses and consumers. As LinkedIn is known as the social network of the professional, this was an issue. Many people are using LinkedIn as a way to do business in a professional social media environment but LinkedIn wasn’t allowing businesses to have a voice. Now, all that has changed with these new implementations.

  • LinkedIn recently introduced business status updates.
    • Administrators on the business account can now send out up to 500 character messages to their LinkedIn followers.
  • A few months ago, LinkedIn allowed businesses to customize their services page with a customizable spot for graphics.
    • Now, it’s no Facebook tab or Twitter background, but it does allow for customization while holding true to the clean professional look of LinkedIn.
    • Check it out here.

The newly implemented status updates will be a huge stepping stones for businesses because people who are on LinkedIn are already in a business mind set. The best way to use these updates is to inform your followers of your business and services as well as industry news. Keep it professional and clean so you won’t stick out at the LinkedIn grown-ups table.

How do you plan on leveraging these new updates?

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