Every day I encourage more and more people to devote additional time to their LinkedIn profile for a myriad of reasons. However, today I will focus on just one critical reason for connecting with as many people possible on social media. I currently have approximately 1,100 connections on my personal profile. Each day I get messages from LinkedIn regarding various activities. A few weeks ago, I received the following startling message from LinkedIn.

“Hi Monroe, 2011 was a year of change. 310 of your Linked In connections started something new in 2011.”

310 people! That’s nearly 30% of my total connections who have changed jobs, companies or responsibilities in the last 12 months! I found that to be an astounding number.

The question then becomes, if these were your valuable connections and you hadn’t taken the time to connect with them outside of their work specific contact information, how would you reach them now? What percentage of your network would be lost? What would it mean to the bottom line of your business? Would you be able to replace them with 310 new connections this year? I guess you’d have to make that 620 new connections, since you may lose another 310 in 2012. There are a plethora of reasons to be engaged and utilizing the tools LinkedIn provides. However, this is a difficult solution to ignore when it comes to maintaining and growing your reach or network.

To learn how Atomic Design can assist in the development and maintenance of your LinkedIn presence, please email me at Monroe@atomicdc.com.

Or better yet, connect with me on LinkedIn!

Hope to see you out there!

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