How many of you have browsed the Internet, found a picture of a consumer product on a site like Facebook, Pinterest, or Stumble Upon, and thought to yourself, “I want that! Where did they possibly find that?!”

I hear ya, and apparently so does Facebook. The social media platform is testing their newest features that scream “online marketing dream” to retail businesses: the ‘Want‘ button, the ‘collection‘ button, and the ‘wishlist’ feature.

It seems like it was just yesterday that one had to use a college email address ( in order to access and use Facebook as a way to communicate and learn more about his/her classmates. The upward spiral of the ever-growing corporation seems never-ending. It all began with opening the platform up to the general public, then continued with creating the new Timeline layout, integrating the “cover photo” addition, opening up stock to the public, changing around their photo album layout to generate more views on the news feed and, now, working close with businesses to better theironline-marketing experience on Facebook.

In late June, the word leaked out that Facebook was working on a ‘want’ app for business pages. Now being tested on a few big-brand labels like Michael Kors, Victoria’s Secret, and, the ‘want’ button helps internet-marketing strategies by creating a new, innovative way to engage users on Facebook, get feedback on which products receive the most attention, and conjure up much-needed data about the public who uses this feature. Facebook has slowly been releasing the new features that allow users to create collections and wishlists composed of product images from business pages, and allow others to “want” their items.

Why not just build off of the “Like” button, though? By applying the verb ‘want,’ Facebook is distinguishing the difference between the users who already have the product in question, and those who see the product and ‘want’ to own it, but have not yet purchased it. They’re establishing a way to increase desire engagement and awareness when the consumer clicks the “want” button, it will relay this information to the business, showing that although the user may not own the item for one reason or another, they still like what they see.

But, don’t we already have a platform like this? A way to “like” and post up items you want but don’t yet have? If you’re thinking that this idea seems very “Pinterest”ing, you’re right on the money. In fact, the way in which the “want” app is laid out has reminiscent of the DIY- and fashion- enthusiast site,

However, what Pinterest lacks that Facebook is offering is a link saying “Buy for $__” that will directly transfer the user to the company’s “Buy it now” page from the picture itself. No more “I love this outfit, if only I knew exactly where to get it and how much it costs!” The one-billion-member network stepped ahead of Pinterest by not only integrating consumer collections and engagement directly on their site instead of the outside competitor, but also found a way to answer the users‘ questions of where they can buy the product in question.

So, how many of you like this new idea brought forward byFacebook? I, personally, am a “fan” of the concept, and am interested to see how it plays out. The user wins by being able to create a collection and wishlist of all of their favorite items from their favorite companies, and in turn companies getdesire-based data on what their consumer “wants” to see more of. Sounds like a win-win to me!

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