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We would like to welcome a guest blogger from Encryptics®, Tricia Adams. If you are sending sensitive information over email or your mobile device, see what you can do to keep your data and information safe. If you have further questions about this, you can find out more on the Encryptics® blog.

Messages Sent From Your Smartphone Or Tablet Are .SAFE!

The Dot is the Difference.

Individuals in various fields (i.e., healthcare professionals, legal firms, banks, and among others) are continuously exchanging critical information while on-the-go. Critical information often has a sensitive time component, which means they need to be able to send and receive confidential emails with complete security from anywhere in the world. They can now look to Encryptics® data protection software and mobile security solution for answers.

Encryptics® Professional is the easiest and most powerful way to securely create and send sensitive information. Our award winning data protection software solution will secure your content for the lifecycle of the document. Encryptics Professional accomplishes this through a Trusted Peer-to-Peer™ delivery, a multi-layered encryption process with Advanced Digital Rights Management (DRM) options.

Encryptics Professional secures your critical information with our .SAFE™ file format for every message. Your data remains a .SAFE file, staying completely secure on your device, across the pipe, and even on the recipient(s) device.

Our exclusive Advanced DRM tools gives you the power to prevent forward, copy, print, and save. Added features allow for Read Receipt, control over Timeline options, and email recall. These feature enhancements are offered because you authored the content, so you should be able to maintain control over your information even if it’s on someone’s device.Encryptics values your complete control and what you send into the digital realm should always belong to you.

Encryptics has now launched Encryptics® Mobile, an extension of Encryptics Professional. Your messages are now complete with Encryptics Mobile security allowing you to send and receive messages from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. Smartphones are more powerful than any other device because they are always within reach. Manhattan Research found more than 81% of physicians use a smartphone to send information, up from 72% in 2010. In healthcare, the same care given to the patient should also be given to their Protected Health Information (PHI).

Also, legal firms have both ethical and legal responsibilities to protect clients’ confidential data. According to Ponemon Institute, the cost per industry data breach on average is now at $7.2 million, not to mention the organizations’ reputation. Firms can now protect their intellectual property when sending clients’ information using a mobile device.

You can now take advantage of our robust .SAFE file format for all your messages. Encryptics Mobile allows you to send and receive from your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet. You can ensure your messages will be locked down while you are on-the-go from anywhere in the world.

Posted by Tricia Adams


Marketing Communications Manager

#.SAFE @Encryptics

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