Cyber bullying has been a common topic of news lately due to the increase in teens being victimized, the growing number of stories of tragic implications, and the release of  new controversial anti-bullying films.  I decided that it is my turn to speak up about this rapidly growing new form of harassment.

I can attest to the hardships of high school life and cruelty of kids who take out their frustrations and anger out on other children. What I think is awful, is how social media has become the medium through which cyber bullying often is being carried out. These sites were created to help people connect, express themselves, share, receive news, and discover people and things with ease. It seems the ease of cyber bullying on social media outlets

has become too alluring. They are giving social media a bad rap. and corrupting its purpose at the expense of other kids, and I believe it’s time to put an end to it. Harsh words and mean jokes hurt in person, and they don’t sting any less when read.

Stopping cyber bullying altogether can seem intimidating, but it’s not impossible. Taking a more active role in your son or daughters’, niece or nephews’, brother or sisters’ life is key. You can’t always know when they are being bullied, but understand that it is painful and embarrassing, and take the necessary actions to prevent it. Watch your children’s social accounts for clues or signs so you can stop it before it gets worse; there are even tools to help with this. One in four children will suffer every month from bullying. That number is far too high!

Read more information about cyber bullying, find anti-bullying organizations, look at some current campaigns, or what you can do it help.

Thank you for reading and please tweet, share, and +1 to help shed light on cyber bullying!

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