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Yesterday marked the beginning of Inbound 2015, a 4-day event where marketing and sales professionals come together to be inspired by keynote speakers as well as educational sessions and other opportunities to learn and connect with other professionals. You may recognize some of this year’s keynote speakers such as… comedian Aziz Ansari, Clinton Foundation Vice Chair Chelsea Clinton, Co Founder & CEO of Buzzfeed Jonah Peretti, and more!

We’re not missing a second of the information coming across social media platforms, and we’ll be sharing the most pressing information here on our blog at the end of each day. Be sure to check back each evening this week to see what you may have missed.

Obligatory “Yay it’s the first day of #Inbound15!” Post

You Can’t Share Values If Your Audience Doesn’t Know Your Values

Every business has values and their own story. It’s important to get your own story out there so that others can see it and connect with it. Just like you would talk about your personal life with a friend or a colleague, your business needs to act on a personal level in order to connect with your audience.

Writer’s Block Doesn’t Exist

These are great words of wisdom from Seth Godin at Inbound 2015. Often times we get wrapped up in our own minds trying to come up with a topic or an agenda for what we want to say either in a blog, on social media, or elsewhere online, however it’s best to begin writing and see where you naturally end up.


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