You’ve seen the “reasons to date a soccer player” posts, “reasons to date a dancer” lists, and even “reasons to date a nerd” bullet points.

It’s high time that social media marketers get recognized for their suave and impressive knowledge of various topics.

Reason #1: We will never bore you.

Consider our extensive knowledge for various clients as a “fact of the day” service to you. Forget awkward moments of silence—when the conversation comes to a lull during dinner, don’t be surprised when we spout random information about family law, skincare facts, or what hashtag Tide used in their latest tweet. Whenever you ask “how was your day at work?” You won’t get boring stats about accounting or petty office talk about who took the last donut in the break room. You’ll hear the latest news on social media and what’s going on in the world, because we’re around it every day, right in our office.

In short, we will always hold your attention, and our ability to deliver interesting conversations from our daily work is unparalleled.

Reason #2: We’re always up for change.

The life of a social media marketer is always changing. From Facebook’s start up 10 years ago (yesterday!) to the introduction and widespread use of the looping-video platform, Vine, social media managers have adapted and grown their clients’ fan base through the ever-changing online world. What does this mean for you? We won’t flinch when you want to change up our routine of movie date night for a new restaurant. Heck, we won’t even bat an eye. Bring on the change of plans, as long as the Google reviews for your desired location are 3.5 stars or higher.

Reason #3: We understand what you’re talking about… no, really, we do.

One of the biggest tasks a social media manager must undergo for a new client is analyzing their work, their competitors, and exactly what it is that they do. You’ll never experience a blank stare or fake enthusiasm/understanding when you talk to us about a subject you’re interested in. If we’re unaware of the subject, we’ll Google, analyze, and familiarize ourselves with it so we can show genuine knowledge and interest in what it is you like to do.

Reason #4: We’ll never forget our anniversary date, or your birthday, or your mom’s birthday.

… or your best friend’s birthday, or your best friend’s brother’s birthday… you get the picture. No, this isn’t because our brains are so big from all the knowledge we squeeze in about our clients, that we have a massive storage capacity for important dates, though that is a great guess. Whether or not your social-media-savvy partner has the memory of Rain Man or a patient with amnesia, we do have the ability to utilize social media tools to keep up to date with all dates that are important to you. Thanks to Facebook timeline, Google calendar, calendar apps on our phones, etc. we will always be ready, card and/or present in hand, for that important event. (Ok, I can’t promise that your social media manager will always have a present ready for your best friend’s brother’s birthday, but at least they’ll remember enough to send them a message on Facebook.)

Reason #5: Plans fell through? In a jam? We’ve got you covered.

One of the best perks about being a social media manager is being up-to-date and in the know about the latest apps, websites, and helpful tools for making life easier in general. Not sure what size couch will fit in your new apartment? We’ll start up our MagicPlan app and help you get a sense for what fits with your floor plan. Tongue-tied on a good Indian restaurant to recommend to your curry-loving boss? We’ll whip out Ness and have your boss raving about your great taste in cultural cuisine in no time. Whatever your situation is, we’ve got an app ready to go that will help. And hey, who says a helping hand isn’t sexy?

Reason #6: You’ll never be left in the dark.

Let’s be real: you’ve probably had an instance in your dating past where your significant other stopped talking abruptly, was late on meeting up, or failed to cancel your date plans, only to have them call or text you much later with the ever-typical “So sorry, my phone died,” or something of the sort. Forget that frustrating headache when dating a social media manager. If we’re running late in a meeting, we can change our dinner reservations through our Google calendar to a later date, and it will notify you directly on your phone. If our phone is broken or has died, we know we can use Google Chat to give you a quick (and free!) call to let you know what’s up. If we’re stuck in rush hour, we can tweet you a picture of the gridlock traffic and let you know what Google maps predicts our new ETA will be.

And no, Google did not endorse this reason, or this post in general. They’re just awesome at helping a social media manager out!

Reason #7: You’ll know if we like you or not.

In every blooming relationship, there comes the insecurity and doubt in whether your partner is as interested and committed to the relationship as you are. You’ll never have to fear that with your social media manager. If we like you, we’ll be tagging you in posts while we’re out. We’ll post you up on Instagram (ex: “Nature walk with this pretty lady!” Or “Grabbing a margarita with my main man!”). We’ll tweet about the fun we’re having and not be shy to upload a few pics (and tag ourselves) on Facebook. No, we won’t go overboard just because social media is our livelihood, but we will make your presence, and our relationship, available to our loved ones. Why? Because we like you, and we’re happy about it, and think it’s “share worthy” with our social networks (just like we think relative topics are share worthy for clients). Boom: typical worrisome topic in every relationship dissolved, all because we’re a social media manager and like to do as we preach.

And there you have it. 7 great reasons to date that digital-savvy, social-networking handsome hunk or brilliant beauty you know and love. So, what are you waiting for?

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