What is the current #1 free social app in Apple’s App Store? Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Nope. The answer may surprise you, because you probably have not heard of it-yet. Pheed is one of the hottest social media apps right now, and rightfully so. It has been getting a lot of buzz around the internet, as people have become increasingly fascinated with the app that has finally outshined the major social media players.


Have you ever found yourself on Facebook, Tumblr, etc. longing for a particular feature that doesn’t exist within your app of choice? This was the exact dilemma of the creators of Pheed. Therefore, they decided to make a virtually all-inclusive app. You can create several different types of “pheeds”, including audio, video, and photo. Then, these pheeds are displayed on a newsfeed (much like Instagram). You can ‘like’ any of the content (similar to Facebook and Instagram), search for content, and use hashtags (as done with Twitter). Essentially, anything and everything that is great about all of your favorite apps have joined forces to create one super awesome app. As if all of this wasn’t cool enough, you can put a watermark on your content and charge users to see your posts. Sign me up!

What’s really compelling about this app is the manner in which it reached its top spot. Much like with well-known social media outlets Tumblr and Snapchat, teenagers are to thank for the popularity of Pheed. I always find myself wondering why some apps stick and others don’t. What constitutes a “cool” app that is worth someone’s time to check out? There are tens of thousands of apps with similar features and functionalities being created every day, yet Pheed has managed to triumph over its competitors. All it took was a few heavily followed teens to tweet something along the lines of “pheed is a sick app”, and the rest is history. Take a look here at how a reporter in San Francisco explains how apps gain their legitimacy.

There are a couple of morals to this brief anecdote. The first being, you should check out Pheed because it truly is an amazing app. Whether is becomes the new “Twitter” or not, there are so many incredible features that are definitely worth looking into. For example, there is no limit on the size of your content.   The second moral is to never underestimate the power of teenagers in the social media realm. Their influence on social media trends is insanely intriguing. They have grown up on mobile phones, laptops, and iPads. They are well aware of the hottest trends and have an insatiable appetite for the next big thing. They know what apps are worthy enough to become relevant in their lives-and if they find one-they will surely let it be known. It’s worth paying a close attention to them because when it comes to social media, they are ten steps ahead of the average Joe. Marketing to them has proven to be tricky, but, when done right can yield incredible results.  Now the question is-how will you utilize the power of teenage influence to feed your app?

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