In  honor of National Pi Day, were talking about pie! I hear your stomachs growling, and I want to clarify: we’re talking about the Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is a $25 dollar credit-card sized computer board. It doesn’t have a case- it is just the mini board with ports to plug in peripherals.

Want to know more? Grab a piece of pie and read on!

 The original intention of the Raspberry Pi was to provide an affordable method for young students and hobbyists to learn to program. Soon after its initial release, people were starting to get creative with the uses for the Raspberry Pi.

Life Hacker wrote a blog about ten awesome projects for your Raspberry Pi. Who knew it is possible to create a streaming Pandora jukebox player or wireless tethering and backup device for your DSLR camera?  What would you build with your Pi? The possibilities are endless.

The Pi is not a device that is intended to replace your brand new black MacPro, but it is more of a fun way to use your imagination and technology to create something great inexpensively. Three Days ago engadget reported that the creators of Raspberry Pi recently upgraded the board by adding an onboard sound card, which makes using the device even easier to set up.

So this year on National pie day have your Pi and play with it too!

Want to start playing with your Pi but don’t know where to begin? Here are a few helpful links to get the hang of your Pi:

engadget’s Guide to Raspberry Pi

25 fun things to do with Raspberry Pi

Want to tell us what you’ve done with your Raspberry Pi or how you plan on spending your National Pi Day? Comment below or connect with Atomic on Facebook and Twitter!

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