For those of us who use email campaigns as a way to keep in touch with our customers, the struggle has always been getting them to first open, and then participate in our emails. Atomic is relied on to provide insight and expertise on how to improve this advertising medium and we are going to spill the beans on how to make your email campaigns more effective.


Improving Open Rates:

Quality of Your List:

It all starts with the quality of your list. We would all love to think that all of our subscribers wait anxiously for our incredible offers, insightful tips, and stunning displays of imagery. The truth is, they don’t. In fact some subscribers are so disengaged in our efforts that they haven’t opened an email in months. The real victim of this catastrophe is our open rates. We need to be pro active about reengaging our subscribers and if they cannot be brought back to the light then the need to be unsubscribed.

We know losing leads or subscribers is any businesses nightmare, but if they weren’t interested in taking one minute out of their day to view what you are sharing then replace them with someone who is. You will see improvements in not only open rates, but also in click through and conversion rates as well.


Keeping the Subscriber Happy:

Send Frequency:

How often you send to your subscribers can affect their interest in your emails. Send to often and they lose interest. Send too little and they lose interest. Sounds like a lose-lose battle your fighting to keep them on board and receptive to your campaigns. A general rule of thumb suggests that more than two communications per week will earn you a swift kick out of the inbox. On the other hand, one or less could leave them wondering who you are and again doom your message to the deleted file or even worse, the Spam folder.


This area is harder to generalize since every company or people actively sending newsletters have something new and different to say in their emails every month, and sometimes every week. Others have the same content delivered every week such as special offers and promotions. Research has found that subscribers are more apt to open your email if they think there is something valuable hiding inside. Instead of always offering “this for free” or “25% off that”, include something that will help or educate the recipient.

Tips, tricks, and “secrets” by nature perk interest. If you are sending valuable information that the subscriber may have trouble finding somewhere else or even may have never know about had you not told them they are inclined to look forward to your next insightful piece of literature. In addition this builds a rapport with your subscribers making them feel important that they are getting information others may not be. In addition, they are probably getting tired of seeing only offers in their inbox from not only you, but other companies.

Alright, it’s your turn to talk. Tell us more about what you have found that works. If you are new to email marketing or unfamiliar then leave some questions in the comments below.

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