This is intended to be an interactive blog. Your opinion matters! Which is your favorite? Or should I say, least favorite?

You’re driving down a common three lane road in Plano, or Allen, or just about any suburban city in the Metroplex. It’s posted with a speed limit of 40 or 45 mph. The cars in front of you are riding directly next to each other at the exact same speed of 38MPH. However, if one of them does speed up, the others follow suit. Like they’re sheep or something.

Can you tell me why the lane on the right side is called, “the slow lane”? I assumed that was for people who want to drive slower. What about the left lane? Why do they call it the fast lane? I always thought that was for people who want to drive faster. I do appreciate all of you who try to help me avoid speeding tickets by blocking the entire road and forcing me to drive at your preferred speed.

Below is a list of other common driving characteristics which cause me to question the intelligence of the human race. That, and the oil gushing into the gulf right now.

  1. Going straight but stopping in the turning lane at a red light. Thank you for your consideration of others. I wanted to view your dog lover license plate for 5 minutes!
  2. Going 60 in the fast lane on the Tollway, then speeding up to 80 after I pass you”. What’s the thought process there?
  3. Slamming on your brakes when a cop has someone pulled over on the other side of the highway. What’s he going to do? Leave that person, go to the next exit, turn around and come get you?
  4. Speeding up to make sure the car with it’s signal on can’t move over in front of you. Then moving into the lane they were in after you pass them. Nice!
  5. One of my all time favorites, riding in the lane that ends until you pass all the people who patiently waited in the proper lane and cutting them off when you run out of road.

Pick your favorite road rage causer. Or, feel free to share one I’ve left off the list.

Happy driving this holiday weekend!

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