So you have your Facebook page and your Twitter page so social is all covered. You have some guy constantly working on the back end of your site making sure your keywords are perfect and you have a decent amount of backlinks out there. You should definitely be ranking first on Google now, right? Well, maybe not.

Search Engine Optimization is becoming a more involved way to advertise because you now need a mixture of things to happen for you to rank first on any search engine. So, let’s get this stew going shall we?

The Secret Search Recipe


·         2/5 cup of resources to Content Creation*

·         1/5 cup of resources to Social Media

·         1/10 cup of resources to PPC paid advertising

·         1/5 cup of resources to Directories and listings

·         1/10 cup of resources to On-page SEO/Website maintenance

*content creation is equal parts blogging and social media posting

Recipe: Once you have properly built and cultivated your website and it looks delicious, you must then share it. First pour all of Content Creation onto the proper platforms. These tasks will have to be done often. Carefully sprinkle in the Social Media mixture being extra careful that each piece is cultivated properly. Then toss in the PPC and a few prominent directories, the ones with reviews are the best. Throw in some Keyword brand on-page SEO, add a splash of maintenance and bake. Websites also come in bite sizes pieces called Mobile, definitely worth trying!

Search engines are now looking for your page to excel in all five of the areas listed above: fresh content, social media, pay per click, directories and listings, and on-page SEO efforts such as keywords and backlinks. It is no longer enough to just pay for your name to pop up at the top of the search; you have to cultivate your online presence to be effective.

How to grow your Search garden:

Content Creation: The best content is picked when fresh. Write about relevant things and keep your pages updated. You can also write about things that are going on in the news that week and tie it in to your market.

Social Media: This one can be tough sometimes, you have to watch it and feed it every day and keep the weeds and bugs away from it. But if done right, people will like it.

PPC Paid Advertising: This is the most expensive ingredient in your arsenal but a very important one. If nothing else, it puts your name in front of people and you get put on the search engine’s radar.

Directories and Listings: This will put your food on the map, quite literally. Yelp, Google Places and local listings are great ways to get in front of your target. 100% of people are local, so make sure they can find you.

On-Page and Website: If your food doesn’t look good, people won’t eat it. You have to beef up your site and cram in some delicious keywords to get the attention of your customers and keep them coming back for seconds.

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