We posed a fun little trivia question on our Facebook page yesterday asking everyone…

How many website maintenance updates they guess we have done in the last five years?

A) 2,500
B) 5,000
C) 10,000
D) 15,000+

Many guessed and several guessed the right answer. Over the last five years, we have done over 15,000 website updatesfor our clients!

This doesn’t even include changes for SEO, Social marketing, or Email marketing purposes, only for site changes and needs. We are lucky to have a dedicated in-house staff and process that makes sure our changes are completed in a timely manner.


How quickly were over 90% of the requests completed?

A) 1 Day
B) 2-3 Days
C) 1 Week
D) 1-2 Weeks

The answer to that question is B. An incredible 90%+ of those updates were actually done within 1-2 days but to play it safe, we threw an extra day in there.

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