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New Features Take Marketing Strategies to the Next Level

At Atomic, we use the powerful and versatile WordPress theme Avada for our website projects. I’ve been using this theme for almost 3 years and I am constantly impressed with the additions they make, and the speed with which I can create a beautiful website. ThemeFusion recently announced their latest update – Avada 5.2 – and we are all excited here at Atomic. Here are the 5.2 updates we’re most excited for.

Sticky Sidebars in Avada 5.2

Image via ThemeFusion

1) Sticky Sidebars

Sidebars are finally getting some love in this new release of Avada. These powerful tools can sometimes be neglected because once you’ve scrolled past them on the page, they’ve been forgotten. With sticky sidebars, we can now focus on marketing tactics that can increase exposure, newsletter signups, or elevate ad exposure without having to use a custom coded or third-party solution.

At Atomic, our priority is to help our customers succeed with their marketing goals, and recommend that they send out consistent and valuable emails. With a sticky sidebar, newsletter sign-ups can now be pushed harder because instead of relying on the user to opt-in at the top of the screen, they can be prompted as they read your content.

2) Dedicated Mobile Menu

As sites upgrade to an all-mobile digital experience, it means that your site must be optimized to be viewed on any number of devices. Avada has been mobile friendly from the beginning, but could only feature the desktop version of the menu on the mobile based navigation.

With the update, we can create a mobile menu that is ready for users and their browsing habits. To simplify the user experience, we might only include links to the top level or most important pages in the mobile experience. Through Google Analytics we can see the data of mobile users specifically and assess which pages are most important to them.

Atomic create mobile friendly websites

3) Speed Optimizations

Speed goes hand in hand with a mobile experience. If a user cannot quickly find the information they’re looking for on-the-go then they are going to leave before your site may have loaded. We’ve found that resources and JavaScript are often two culprits of slower page speeds.

Avada partnered with popular plugins to optimize the delivery of their resources to increase page speed. Run a quick diagnostic of your site’s speed using Google Speed Test. If you have low scores, contact Atomic today and we can help you optimize your site, or develop a new one.

4) New Demo Themes

Avada has consistently utilized beautiful and contemporary design trends throughout their demo themes. They have continued that streak with their new themes Music • Science • Photo Light. This makes for a quick deployment of a style and with some customization you have a unique website.

At Atomic, we often use these themes as a starting point for our projects. As we work with our clients on customizing their websites, it cuts down design time dramatically. This leave more time for us to focus on deploying various tactics of marketing strategies that we work with you to develop.

5) Menu Link Highlights

This new feature might seem small, but could have a big potential impact on e-commerce websites – allowing you to easily feature sales or new items. It could also be used to highlight new blog posts or other updated information that is important to your users. The possibilities are endless and exciting!

5.2) Background Images in Mega Menu

Mega Menus can often become a literal wall of text. With the addition of a subtle graphic or pattern, users can better understand what they are seeing and react accordingly.

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