inbound marketing agency dallas state of inbound 2018
inbound marketing agency dallas state of inbound 2018

As a digital marketing agency and a Inbound Marketing Agency in Dallas  – we’re always keeping you apprised of modern digital marketing tactics and techniques. We’re bringing you the highlights from HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing 2018.

What’s Inside? 

  1. The State of Marketing
  2. The State of Sales
  3. Sales and Marketing Alignment
  4. Reaching Buyers
  5. Trend Data
  6. Who We surveyed
inbound global methodology

We see from the survey that North America leads the world in the Inbound Methodology.

inbound marketing and seo

It’s no surprise that growing SEO and organic presence is a top priority for most marketers. Most companies separate SEO and blog content creation – but they go hand in hand. Creating valuable content is key to growing organic reach and driving down paid media budgets. Using a HubSpot agency to creating marketing automation of that content is a valuable next step after your content strategy and execution is complete.

inbound marketing roi

Proven ROI is a high driver of marketing decisions at almost all companies sizes. You see from this study that most respondents believe that Inbound Marketing yields a higher ROI that alternative methods. Having marketing automation combined with big data allows the C-suite more insight into specific marketing campaigns against monthly, quarterly, or annual revenue goals. 

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