Bloggers are the unsung heroes of the internet world. When you can’t figure something out, simply conduct a search on Google and you will find at least one blog to lead you through it with infinite wisdom. Bloggers are the silent helpers standing patiently by until called upon, and the relationship is certainly mutualistic. You need the blogs, and the blogs need you.

Blogs drive traffic to websites and increase exposure of your business, or you, and your millions of wonderful ideas. Studies show that an average of 20 blog posts a month sees an increase of 5x the amount of traffic to your website. When you blog about relevant or helpful content, this pushes readers to your site and is immensely helpful in SEO efforts.

Here are a few tips before you publish your next blog to keep you on the “write” track (tip #1: Use Puns. People love puns 😀).

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W- Words are the key to any blog. Make your writing great, and write often. Make your titles capture the readers’ interest and keep it until the end with your exemplary rhetoric.

L-Links within your blog are important to direct people to your site, and also to acknowledge any blogs or sites you pulled from. They typically see this on tracking tools and it gives you credit and builds a rapport with other bloggers.

T-Tags in your blog are so important because that is how search engines find you. Make sure to use tags that encompass everything your blog mentions, and all keywords people could put into a search engine to find your blog or site.

P-Photos are important to draw people in; the quintessential “moth to the flame” theory. A good picture makes people look and a great title and content causes them to read, without a great picture you are only seeing half the equation. Be sure that you have the rights to the picture before you use it, that mistake can be costly.

C-Comments on your blog are worth their weight in gold. People start asking questions, which leads to conversations, and all this keeps your blog near the top of Google’s results. Not only are comments on your blog helpful, but comment on other blogs that contain similar subject matter and include a link when appropriate, sometimes its better not to look like spam. You have expanded the audience of your blog and perhaps drive more conversations and/or traffic.

S-Social sites are the fastest and easiest ways of sharing information. Make sure you post your blog to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and any other sites you use. Reach out to other social pages that are relevant to your blog and include the link.

These blogging tips will help ensure success and that you are read and shared by all those you seek your knowledge. Whether you blog about food, technology, or pirates with wooden legs, your content is important so let it be heard. Remember my mnemonic device and you will see the rewards: Wooden Legs Take Plenty of Concentration and Skill.

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