Creating an official Facebook Page for your company or, if you’re an agency, for your clients, is important. A Facebook Page can show involvement, give helpful tips and most importantly can help generate leads.

Step 1:

Go to the Facebook homepage and click on the “Create a Page for celebrity, band or business” option.

Step 2:

Click on the box that best describes your company. It will then show you a form, fill in all the blanks as best you can and click Get Started. (Don’t forget to check the box agreeing to the Facebook terms and conditions)

Step 3:

This is the important part. Create an email account with a service like g-mail or yahoo to use as your social media email address. By doing this, you prevent having your real email blow up with Facebook alerts. It also makes passing off the account to someone else later easier.

Check the “I do not have a Facebook account” button. Enter the newly created email account and your preferred passwords. The birthday doesn’t really matter much, as long as the date is at least 13 years ago as you need to be 13 years old to have a Facebook account. The date doesn’t show up anywhere. Check the terms of use button then Sign Up Now and you’re ready to go!

Get creative with your pages and be sure to fill in every blank they give you under the info tab to boost your Social SEO presence!

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