Between the great turnout, the free food provided by i Fratelli (thanks again!), the hashtag “#smcdallas” trending on Twitter, learning valuable information about the compliments search has on social (and vice versa) from the night’s speaker Rob Garner, and enjoying a beverage after-hours at the new Mockingbird Taproom, The first SMC Dallas event of the year set a high bar for the rest of 2013.

Focusing on the importance of understanding and interacting with your audience as a marketer, Garner stressed the successful feedback brands would receive for being “always present.” This served as one of the many key bullet points given by Garner for transitioning from traditional marketing methods to “real-time” marketing.

Real-time Marketing and Language

“Real-time” marketing focuses on customer loyalty by allowing the producer and customer to interact and respond to each other. A constant interaction and presence among your customer and customer’s audience will go a long way in your efforts for marketing success. Why? One of the reasons Garner pointed to included the fact that the “historical language” of your audience continuously changing and generating. He reminded the SMC Dallas audience that changes are happening every day with our marketed audience and that we should keep our eyes and ears open, waiting for that perfect moment, rather than standing by and letting it pass us by.The example that Garner gave resonates in my head clearly: the ocean wave. When a wave is peaking and getting ready to curl, you can’t be a part of that wave if you stand by and hear about it the next day. It all comes down to velocity and making sure to not miss the language and mass-media moment.The Importance of Google and Google+

One of the biggest re-tweeted quotes from Garner’s presentation last night read: “25% of keywords typed into Google in one day have never been searched before.” Everyone’s marketing goal includes winding up on the top 5 search results on Google. While Google has its own algorithm in determining who shows up, so do social networks—based on connections and alterations. For example, someone’s popularity is instantly increased with re-tweets and shares. However, Google doesn’t easily see “likes” and mentions (in which Garner not-so-jokingly added that “Liking” is the only feeling one has on Facebook). However, Google can see your interaction and shares on Google+. Whether or not you feel like Google+ can help your social outreach, there’s no doubt that it can increase your search. And if there’s one thing that Garner got across clearly yesterday, it’s that search and social implemented together creates a better, stronger outreach and response than one or the other by itself.

Other SMC Dallas News

Thank you Rob Garner for a great kick-off to SMC events of 2013! I can’t wait to dive into your book and learn more about the relationships between search and social, and how to better implement them into my marketing strategies.

One thing that stuck out to me about SMC Dallas this month was their student discount membership option: $175 for the year! As a current undergrad-student myself, I appreciated seeing that SMC Dallas is doing its part in outreaching and educating the future marketing and social experts of our society. If you’re a student looking to learn more about the innovative techniques in social media, do NOT pass up this membership!

Next month’s Social Media Club – Dallas meeting will be “Pinterest Panel” on February 21st. I hope to see you all there! In the meantime, get connected with myself and the rest of the Atomic team on our Facebook page!

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