O Hootsuite, with your cute little owl
I love the way you schedule content
But sometimes you can be foul

You started off as my favorite social media tool
But then you decided to start charging me
And I started referring to you as a fool

I understand that you need to make a buck or two
But as a small business employee
the dollars in my budget are few

My team only consists of three
And we thought it was a little silly
That we all had to pay for a premium fee

I promise I’m not trying to hate
But sometimes your API is full
And then my posts go out late

Then there’s your little mascot
Who only shows up when things go wrong
Which means I find myself seeing him a lot

Sometimes he’s seen in a nest
Or with glasses and a hat
But the one of him falling is the one I like best

I’m sure there will be more changes next year
Some that I don’t like
And some that will make me cheer
You will still be my favorite social media accessory
I couldn’t do my job without you
And you help make my clients happy

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