It’s time for another edition of Atomic’s weekly social media roundup – all of the things we’re talking about that happened online this week.



HBO GO coming to everyone in 2015

In a move that will surely rock the film and TV industry, HBO announced that in 2015 it will offer its HBO GO streaming service to those who do not have a subscription to the pay-TV channel via cable or satellite. HBO is making this move to cater to millions of Americans who are “cord cutting,” or leaving traditional cable and satellite TV providers to obtain content through online streaming avenues like Hulu, Netflix and YouTube. The impact of HBO’s decision and how it will affect other networks remains to be seen, but we’ll definitely keep watching.


Patient diagnosed with Internet addiction disorder using Google Glass

A 31-year-old service member in San Diego has been diagnosed with the first case of Internet addiction disorder involving Google Glass. The patient, who wore the device upwards of 18 hours per day, began exhibiting involuntary movements which mimicked operation of the device and dreams of his vision as appeared via the device’s lens.

U2 apologizes for album promotion via automatic iTunes download

Irish rock band U2 and its frontman Bono have apologized for a promotion that uploaded the band’s “Songs of Innocence” album directly to users’ iTunes library whether they wanted it or not. Many users were upset at the band and Apple for forcing the music on them. The album was uploaded to 500 million iTunes accounts, and Bono explained that the band had “a beautiful idea” but got “carried away with

[themselves]” in promoting the release as they did.

Virgin America shows you travel on BLAH Airlines

How does Virgin America show just how boring a 6 hour flight from Newark to San Francisco can be on other airlines? With a 6 hour video. The video, which demonstrates a passenger’s point of view on “BLAH Airlines Flight 101” using mannequins is a little quirky and strange, but an interesting concept to illustrate the air travel experience.

Alaskan rock guy is amazed by skipping rock sounds

Have you ever had that feeling of being completely awestruck? This Alaskan man did when he heard the sound of a skipping rock on a frozen lake. His reaction is priceless, and the video has gotten almost 5.4 million views in just the last few days.

And finally…

In what may end up being a weekly feature as long as they keep coming up with new ones, this week’s rehash of Lil’ Jon’s “Turn Down for What” has been done by none other than First Lady Michelle Obama. Her “Turnip For What” Vine video is aresponse to a user who posted a funny question to the First Lady.


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