Have you noticed lately that the Target television spots rarely ever display the name “Target” anymore? They just show their well executed creative, then display the red bullseye-like symbol at the end of their commercial and everyone knows exactly which brand it is. Why is that? Well yes, millions of dollars in advertising budget doesn’t hurt, but there’s more to it than that. It is also a result of Target’s marketing team doing an incredible job of building their brand and maintaining their brand integrity.

They’ve now joined the elite status of rubbing elbows with other internationally recognizable brands, such as, the Golden Arches of McDonald’s and the Apple icon on iPods, iPhones and iPads. When Atomic conducts an Internet Marketing Audit for a client or prospect, one of the initiatives is to ensure brand integrity within every aspect of their marketing campaign and collateral. By doing this, we ensure a cohesive and well maintained brand image throughout all of our client’s initiatives.

This includes obvious areas such as business cards, websites and marketing collateral, however; it also covers areas such as employee uniforms, event signage, billboards, social media outlets, mobile apps, exhibitor booths, promotional items, email marketing messages, and much more.

Almost every company is guilty of some slippage. They’ve changed designers, or print shops, or advertising agencies and along the way, their brand integrity may take a hit. It can also stem from having large departments where different individuals are responsible for only specific areas of your marketing plan. One team works on billboards, print and TV, while another team handles social media and email marketing. Are they all utilizing the same brand and messaging?

Maybe it’s time you conducted an Internet Marketing Audit to make sure you’re on Target!

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