Atomic has now been in business for more than a decade. Through the years, we’ve conducted countless web development consultations with marketing managers and business owners alike. One takeaway from this experience is, nearly 80% of our prospects have failed to invest the proper time into evaluating their search optimization needs and how it relates to the success of their new and improved web presence.
This 80% has failed to identify their true keywords and metadata information. They haven’t researched their competition and borrowed from their best practices or conducted any investigation inside of Google tools to determine weaknesses in the competitive nature of search terms.What these businesses fail to understand is how the structure and content of their site relates to it’s ability to be optimized and found by their target audience. Most are seemingly more concerned with the aesthetics of their site and how much of their information they can confuse their visitors with.Less credible web developers may skip over this practice in an effort to secure the development business. Here at Atomic we place a strong emphasis on incorporating optimization efforts while maintaining professional design and offering visitors a clean and user friendly way to be converted on to the next step in your process.

The next time your company evaluates it’s web development process, be certain to devote appropriate time to finding out how search optimization relates to your sites structure, copy and content!

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