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In this day and age of Google search engine algorithm manipulation and big budget PPC campaigns, there is still one pure search going on out there; the search for non-profits. More importantly, are those worthy of donations and professional assistance.

One company right here in Dallas, is not only searching for Non-profits, they are willing to pay for the opportunity to work with them! You heard correctly. I know its Monday and this is the internet, so anything goes, however, I personally met with Dallas Social Venture Partners last Thursday and they do exist! During our digital media consult, they described how passionate and accomplished their force of 120 volunteers is about assisting the non-profit sector. Moreover, their desire to make a difference within their community and to feel a sense of reward from their work.

“We are people for whom improving our community is part of our life’s journey – whether we work in the nonprofit or corporate world.”

Many of them have established, and currently manage extremely successful businesses during traditional business hours. Only to devote 15 to 20 more hours a week towards improving the bottom line of various non-profit organizations throughout the DFW Metroplex. In addition to their generous donation of their valuable time, they are also required to maintain substantial annual membership dues. A portion of which is funneled directly to non-profits. We’re talking six figure investments here. Due to our involvement with non-profits such as; The Boys & Girls Clubs, Lions Clubs & The Children’s Advocacy Center, it was extremely refreshing to identify a philanthropic group which promotes and sustains this type of culture and effort.

Dallas Social Venture Partner’s Mission: We are engaged community leaders committed to improving lives and maximizing social impact through the thoughtful application of our collective resources and expertise.

Just one more example of what I like to call “reverse marketing“. Instead of the non-profit banging on every door and leaving no stone unturned in their never ending search for donations and volunteerism, it’s the people who are doing the marketing that make the real difference. Each year, they promote the opportunity to assist a non-profit and in turn receive a minimum of 50 submissions seeking assistance. Through in-depth analysis and passionate discussion, they determine which organization they will bless with significant financial support and comprehensive expertise. After qualifying and deciding who to work with, they launch and execute a 3 to 5 year collaborative business plan. This includes taking sometimes struggling non-profits from the brink of closing their doors, to long term sustainable endeavors. In turn, improving some of our communities most critical educational and at risk youth programs. Thank you D.S.V.P.. We could use more people like you!

Just visiting with them for 30 minutes, caused me to reflect on what it is that I’m giving back. I’ll be approaching them about donating digital media services to assist their non-profit partners shortly. Maybe after reading this, each of you will spend a little time analyzing how you can make a difference.

Thank you,

Courtney Cox

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