marketing frights that terrify users
Don't let your website become a mobile monster

1) Your Site is a Mobile Monster

Cell phones are now the device of choice for goblins and ghouls to stay connected. Even the oldest Mummies have a smart device they are using on-the-go. If your website is not mobile-friendly, your rankings and website traffic will suffer greatly because users can’t easily interact with your website.

When it’s time to upgrade your site, make sure you go to the house that gives out the King Size candy bars, and not the house that gives out the Circus Peanuts. With a fresh design, a easy-to-use platform, and a mobile-friendly theme, your customers won’t be scared away!

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Don't be an online ghost!

2) Your Online Presence is Ghostly

Before unsuspecting guests head to your haunted hotel, or morning zombies come to sip on your brain juice(coffee) they will most-likely search for you online first. They need to know how to find you, and see what others are saying about your business. Ultimately, you’re going to determine the platforms that best suit your marketing goals, but when you make contact with your audience, commit to making sure they are properly managed and updated with fresh and relevant content.

Some of our favorite haunts:

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Keep your pop-ups contained so they don't multiply!

3) Your Site is Full of Gremlins 

Pop-ups can be a useful marketing tool on your website, but use them cautiously or they’ll multiply like Gremlins. Make sure that the user has an easy method to opt out of the pop-up and that action is remembered for some time which is set with a cookie. If a user is constantly pestered with the same ask, they will leave. Google will also frown upon pop-ups that inhibit the mobile experience of a website. If your pop-up is not properly sized or covers too much of the screen, then Google will penalize you in the search results.

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Stick to a schedule where you can deliver quality content

4) You Email Only on Full Moons

Dracula carefully chooses his victims, and the emails that he reads before the sun comes up. If a night-dwelling creature has given you their email address, it means they see value in your brand and content, and want to get more of that. What they’re going to expect is consistency and quality – both of which you determine with your marketing efforts. Your email marketing campaign must align with your marketing goals, so be sure to set up a schedule that you can stick to consistently.

Content generation is the key to keeping with that schedule. Write quality content on a daily or weekly basis; keeping to that schedule and let your customers know what to expect before they subscribe. If it reeks of garlic, it’s going into the trash folder, and they’ll probably unsubscribe. If you want to send your emails based on the phases of the moon, then commit to that and make sure you deliver.

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Treat your potential customers to a good experience

5) Contacting You is all Trick and No Treat

You can decorate your online presence with all sorts of lights, blow-up creatures, pumpkins, strobe lights, fog machines, and cobwebs but if the user can’t find your front door, they’ll never be able to get the candy. Your users need to be able to find your contact information quickly and easily. This is where strategy can come into play.

Do you want a potential customer’s email address? Create strategic contact funnels that lead them to a form that is quick and easy to fill out.

Do you want your phone to ring off the hook? Make your phone number prominent, use a vanity phone number, or make it easy to remember. No matter your goals, treat your users to an easy experience!

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If you think a hex has been placed your marketing campaigns, then give Atomic Design & Consulting a howl at (972) 668-3867 or make us scream today. We’ll work with you to exorcise whatever demons are causing you to climb up the walls.


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