It depends on who you ask, and many people don’t give it much thought. However, a name is very important when it comes to branding yourself or your company. It can also have a huge impact on search results if your name or brand does not consist of common names or words. For example, do a search for Jackie Bese on any major search engine. You will not find any results on the first page that are not our Jackie Bese.

However, a name itself does not carry much weight; where and how you use it does. If you will notice, many of the results on the first page are from social media sites, where Jackie has established an online presence. If you want your name or brand to be found, it must be on Facebook and Twitter, and it helps even more when you are on YouTube and Flickr. Google recently started showing video results at the top of its web searches… the perfect place to market yourself or your brand!

Do Job Titles Matter?

Not from an SEO or usability perspective. Unless you are an athlete in a major sport, your position/title will not matter on the web. People generally don’t remember titles… they remember names. Here at Atomic, we get to choose our job titles/nicknames. While generally fun to do, it will not help you, or anyone who wants to find you, unless you use it excessively. I spent a few days trying to come up with a title when I started at Atomic about a year ago. Only once has anyone referred to me as “Code Weaver” instead of my real name. Unless I market myself 100% as Code Weaver, people will just call me by my real name.

So What’s Your Point?

Unless you commit to marketing your name or brand 100%, you will not yield great results. Jackie commits to marketing himself as Jackie Bese (as opposed to a nickname), and you won’t find another Jackie on the front page of Google search results.

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