Many of you are aware of the explosion of social media in the past few years. We have all heard the names, Facebook,Myspace, Twitter… Google? Yes, Google has entered the social media market and is making a big impact.

Google currently has three social media applications:

Google’s entry into social media began with its acquisition of YouTube in 2006. Since then, it has been the go-to place for video networking. Countless videos uploaded to YouTube have “gone viral”, or been shared on a large scale through social networking.

Now, Google is about to raise the bar again as it prepares to update YouTube, using a more minimalistic interface while adding new features. One of the biggest feature additions is the ability to view traffic statistics for a video. For a company like Atomic, which specializes in internet marketing, combining these publicly-available traffic statistics with tools like Google Analytics will be invaluable for satisfying the goals of our clients. To the right is a screenshot of the new interface, which is slowly being unveiled to the public.

Google also recently unveiled Google Buzz, a service that is integrated into Gmail and is similar to Twitter and Facebook status updates. Updates from Twitter and Google Buzz are posted on your Google profile page, and you can choose who can see your Buzz updates. Google Buzz is ideal for sharing links and photos with others, and many sites like Mashablehave already integrated Google Buzz into their sites.

Google Wave is also creating waves in the social media market. The best way to describe Google Wave is that it brings together social media, email, and real-time collaboration into one beautifully-crafted interface. Be sure to watch their video(when you have time) to see what it offers, or if you want a summary, they have a shorter video available.

Be sure to check out Google’s search options as well, which gives you the option to filter the results by Updates, Blogs, and Discussions. These options allow you to quickly find items that people have posted to Twitter, blogs, and forums. Be sure to search for @atomicjackie to see some of his Twitter status updates in your search results!

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