By now, it’s no secret that social media is the latest marketing craze. Everywhere we turn, “Facebook this” and “Twitter that”. “Follow me here” and “forward this to a friend”. Many companies are now scrambling to meet the expectations of an ever expanding demographic of technology friendly consumers. Similar to real life social activity, many of us are not equipped with the skills necessary to successfully connect with our prospects on social media. The question isn’t “if” they should utilize social media. The question they’re asking themselves is “how to do it effectively”.

Every day we’re bombarded with information from so-called experts with suggestions of how businesses should jump into the social media pool. Fact is, the answer is different for each and every one of us. There’s no ultimate cookie cutter solution when it comes to social media. Every business has a slightly different niche, target market, mission statement, and culture.

When it’s your company’s time to take a dip into Social Media, be sure to visit with multiple highly consultative firms to develop guidelines of how you intend to engage your prospects, how you’ll incentivize them to follow you, how you’ll address negative feedback, and ultimately, how you’ll turn socializing with your prospects on social media into dollars and cents.

That’s the bottom line.

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