Agency Update Note (2024): Since first publishing this in 2011; we are now exclusively developing websites in WordPress and Shopify.

You may have heard people spout out website terms such as Joomla, Content Management System, Open Source, conversion strategy, site analytics, on-page optimization, SEO, social media integration, blogging, YouTube channels and wondered how they all correlate to your needs and more importantly your bottom line.

Atomic receives numerous inquiries each week from businesses that are attempting to develop a website for the very first time. Often it’s a case of web development 101 more than anything else. This leads to consulting with prospects on what they should be evaluating for their online media needs, how platforms relate to their digital applications, and ultimately the success or failure of their websites.

Much like an auto dealer who only represents one manufacturer, other agencies may attempt to convince you that their solution is the best. However, no single brand offers the perfect solution for everyone. The same can be said for web development platforms. Atomic made the decision to focus solely on the Joomla platform in order to become experts within the arena. As well as, the ability to provide rapid web development, within budget, while utilizing solutions of equal or greater performance than that of much higher priced platforms.

At Atomic, we encourage you to shop around. Go visit some of the other firms and the platforms they have to offer. In the end, we’re confident you’ll agree that an Atomic/Joomla website solution offers a superior combination of flexibility, affordability, performance, control, analytics, optimization, and authoritative design than almost any other solution available today.

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