digital summit dallas day 2 top 3 takeaways
We’re going to the 2017 Digital Summit Dallas, so stay tuned for a brand new edition of our takeaways!

Day two at Digital Summit Dallas certainly did not disappoint! It was a whirlwind of coffee, speakers, classes, and more coffee. I was very strategic about the classes I attended today, and it paid off because I heard a consistent theme: be smart about your content.  Whether it is serving it up to the right person, or making it more digestible, I took it to heart. So here are the top three things I took away from day one:

1) Smart content in front of the right eyeballs

Marketers today are being faced with difficult choices. We have data and content ad nauseam,  and yet we can still be beholden to the “spray and pray” type of marketing. Allocation of resources, whether it’s our time in planning content, creating content, reading content, analyzing data, budgeting for ads, or delegating tasks to personnel, is vital so that today’s marketers can set a clear path to follow that will show ROI and achieve goals.

Do you have a product to distribute? Excellent, let’s get that up on your website. Now, how can we tell a story and create channels for the different intake types? For readers, we’ll create blog posts, write discussions about that product, and more until we establish a foothold in the market. For visual people, we’ll create infographics, videos with subtitles, and more as we work out way into feeds. For auditory people, we’ll create podcasts, more social posts, and listen for their feedback across the various platforms. These are just a few ways that marketing will get your product in front of eyeballs (or ears).

But how will we cut through all of the noise. That is where data comes in. Using the right tools, with the right tracking, and the right values to analyze, digital marketers will know exactly who to target, when to target them, and how to target the client that will lead to the best conversion.

2) Your voice, your rules

Ann Handley challenged us to market bigger, braver, and bolder today. Don’t just assume that old techniques and marketing tactics will work when taken into the mobile environment. A commercial on TV is not going to work on your Instagram feed. Each platform must be leveraged for the type of content and audience it is best suited for. The real key to making these tactics successful is your voice. She asked if your branding fell off, would a piece of content be recognizable by the tone alone? The more value you add to the content based around your product, the more people will invest and become the evangelizers that skyrocket brands to the top.

– Keynote Speaker: Ann Handley

3) Channel surf like a pro

Traditional cable and the digital world have one thing in common. A vast number of channels for people to consume content on. Don’t fall for the “shiny objects” of the moment, but understand where your audience is, and make a goal to deliver the best possible way in that channel. Understanding the patterns and whims of the Millennials and Gen Z will help to focus your efforts and your budgets along the right path. Get creative with content production and distribution, but in-authenticity in the delivery will be sniffed out and get rejected. If you want to reach on Facebook, then look at the data in Facebook on what types of ads win, and plan content creation around that. Focus in on the audiences that will convert to maximize your ROI. If you want engagement on Twitter, it’s going to take some legwork and smarts to break through the noise. Each channel will have it’s own unique factors that will challenge and reward if properly planned and executed for.

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