SlideShare is a great place to share your presentations with the world on topics from traditional marketing, technology, business, social media, and just about anything you have a presentation on. Recently SlideShare has turned up the heat with their new tool for sharing presentations, Zipcasts.

A shortened highly social version of webinars, Zipcastsessentially aim to replace meetings. The creator of the presentation schedules a Zipcast session, and invites people to attend. They can be public for a new tool or business announcement, or private for meetings with clients/employees unable to meet face to face. You then meet at the allotted time and join the group. The presenter has control of the slides, but each attendee can also individually view them at their own pace. Everyone in the group can see the presenter via a live feed from their webcam, and can ask questions. The people in the group can be seen by all participants, but are not seen via webcam.

Zipcasts connect you with the people who want to see your presentations, helping to spread the word and even conduct sales.  Zipcasts are another great tool you can use to be social, connect, interact, and captivate your audience!

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