Product placement is becoming more prevalent on TV as use of the DVR becomes more popular. Advertisers are coming up with inventive ways to get you to see their products, but are we, the consumers, even noticing? I think it depends on the brand’s top-of-mind awareness, which is what every brand strives for. Top-of-mind awareness is the first brand you think of when asked about a product. For example, when someone says name a brand of detergent, the first brand you think of is your top-of-mind awareness.


I have sat through enough lectures to know when I’m being advertised to while watching TV, but it would be interesting to know if everyone sees it that way.  While watching a baseball game on TV, for example, there are usually three rotating banners behind home plate so that you see them during the at-bats. Even though people can skip through the commercials between innings, the advertisements are unavoidable.  But are people paying attention? (speaking of paying attention, we have a client that sells dugout organizers, you should check them out when you get a chance)

This is also happening in social media.  Instead of DVR, we have apps on our phones that let us access the site without any advertising.  This is good information to have if you are considering starting Facebook ad. So why not take a note from TV and use product placement in your posts? For example, if someone posts “just sat down at McDonalds, enjoying the new #1 with cheese,” people are going to see that and want to know what the new #1 is. Almost everyone is accessing their social media sites primarily through their phone. Shouldn’t your product be displayed there too?

Making an account for your business and posting ads is one of the best things you can do, provided you have enough people following your posts. Doing this allows people to see the personality behind the business and gives them more reason to trust the brand.  This, in turn, keeps the customer loyal and your business at the top of their mind. When the consumer goes to purchase a product, they already feel a connection to your business because they know your brand better.

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