Online Marketing Tools for Nonprofits

It goes without saying that your nonprofit needs a Facebook Page, Twitter handle, Google+ and LinkedIn profile. Here are a few tools you need in your marketing tool box to affectively market your nonprofit to the millions of internet users just waiting for a cause like yours to propagate their browser. Best of all they are all no cost or low cost to your nonprofit.

Tech Soup

Tech Soup – This service has been around since the 80’s and has been providing nonprofits with mounds of technology and learning resources like blogs, webinars and forums. With 40+ donor partners like Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco and Inuit, more than 400 technology products are available to nonprofits for a fraction of the retail cost.


HootSuite – You can put all those social media accounts in one place with HootSuite. Manage, post, schedule and track all your posts and tweets from one dashboard. Basic membership is free and a Pro account is just $5.99 per month. HootSuite even offers a discounted rate to nonprofits. All you need to do is fill out the application.


WordPress – A very powerful Blog and CMS (content management system) platform that will allow your small nonprofit to look, feel and act like a large organization with a matching budget. You can set up a blog/website at for free, and you can pick a free template and point your domain for under $20 yr! Feeling like you need more? is the place to can find thousands of templates, plugins and widgets to do anything your organization desires. This is a hosted platform so you will need a hosting provider. Almost every nonprofit has an event to raise funds, try using Event Espresso. This WordPress plugin will allow for event management, registration, tracking and payment, they also offer a discount to nonprofits. They just ask that you link to them and give them credit on your website.


Google for Nonprofits – I cannot urge you enough to get on this program. If you are a big or a small nonprofit, Google for Nonprofits has services and products that can streamline operations and reach more potential donors.

Google Apps for Nonprofits allows your nonprofit organization to decrease its total cost of ownership and offer staff the very latest innovations from Google like Gmail (using your domain), Google Docs and Google Calendar.

The Google Grants program empowers non-profit organizations to achieve their goals by helping them promote their websites via advertising on Google. Google AdWords ads appear when users search on Google and when you click on one of the ads, you are brought to the website being advertised.

Google+ is now available for nonprofits. Google+ is a perfect place for sharing pictures and videos and detailed posts. Circles allow you to communicate solely with donors, your board or your staff. Start a Hangout with staff or volunteers and get face-to-face interaction in real time. Google is already driving the majority of traffic to nonprofit sites so why wouldn’t you jump on board.


YouTube for Nonprofits lets your organization tell its story through videos on YouTube to connect with supporters, volunteers, and donors. The YouTube Nonprofit Program will help deliver your message to the world’s largest online video community.

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