87 social media content ideas for restaurants that will make you hungry for more

I love working on restaurant social media content! There’s only one small problem with it. It works. I’m so hungry and have an incredible craving for the type of food I’m working with, so I usually go out for lunch that day. So what content should restaurants create to engage more people and build community through social media?

Here’s a list of ideas that are gaining traction for many of our restaurant clients, along with some examples from Bavarian Grill.

87 Restaurant Social Content Ideas

Restaurant Menu

  1. Current menu – Online or downloadable
  2. Favorite menu items
  3. Gluten-free menu options
  4. Allergy-sensitive menu options
  5. Vegetarian menu options
  6. Vegan menu options
  7. Low-calorie menu options
  8. Low-fat menu options
  9. New menu items
  10. Poll: Ask for new menu item suggestions
  11. Seasonal menu items
  12. Limited time menu items
  13. Favorite beverages
  14. Coffee drinks
  15. Specialty drinks
  16. Fun food photos – Get creative!
  17. Source local ingredients – Show local community support
  18. Source special ingredients
  19. Share recipes – But not grandma’s secret recipe!
  20. Unique food and drink pairings
  21. Nutritional information

Specials & Promotions

  1. Current specials
  2. Specials only available on social – encourages visits
  3. Promote loyalty programs
  4. Promotions for slow business hours


  1. Incentivize customer content sharing
  2. Contests with giveaways

Giving Back

  1. Sustainable business practices – Be green
  2. Recycling and repurposing programs
  3. Community involvement
  4. Non-profits and charities supported
  5. Employees helping the community – Give employees a day to serve your community


  1. Restaurant events
  2. Current events tie-in – Stay away from sensitve topics
  3. Local events tie-in
  4. Birthday specials – What do you do for birthday guests?
  5. Anniversary specials

Restaurant Features

  1. Patio dining
  2. Take out
  3. Catering
  4. Dining experience – Show a full dining area
  5. Features unique to your restaurant

Customers & Guests

  1. Happy customers enjoying your food
  2. User-generated content – People LOVE this!
  3. Customer reviews
  4. Video clips of happy customers
  5. Feature regular customers
  6. Dining areas full of customers

Social Love

  1. Subscribe to your email – Email is still a great marketing tool
  2. Give a review
  3. Promote specific platform reviews from Yelp, Trip Advisor, Zomato, and others
  4. Promote your blog – If you don’t have a blog, you may want consider starting one
  5. Link back to your website’s full menu, location, and other relevant pages
  6. App – Promote your app if applicable (see what I did there?)
  7. Link to other social platforms

Staff & Team

  1. Introduce your team
  2. Staff recommendations – They know your menu better than anyone
  3. Employee of the month
  4. Staff group outings
  5. Employee advocacy – Your team members are your best brand ambassadors!
  6. Get to know us
  7. Employment opportunities


  1. Behind the scenes – People love this stuff!
  2. Video of restaurant operations
  3. Video of food prep
  4. Video of work fun – Everyone loves to have fun

About Your Restaurant

  1. Restaurant history
  2. Did you know? – What would you like people to know?
  3. Awards
  4. News 


  1. Your favorite thing about us in one word
  2. Restaurant humor (non-offensive)
  3. Kid-friendly
  4. Pet-friendly
  5. Hashtag promotions – #useuniquehashtags
  6. Reservations
  7. Memes
  8. Inspiration and quotes – Relevant to your restaurant
  9. Food tourism
  10. Food stats
  11. Foodie reviews
  12. FAQ
  13. Merchandise for sale
  14. Delivery vehicles – And deliveries in progress

huhner-salat-bavarian grill-sommer-menu-2016

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Dallas web design - Jakes Hamburgers and Beer

If you have any other ideas, we would love to hear them! Please share in the comment section below.

Social Media Ideas for Restaurants Checklist

Restaurant Social Media Checklist

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