New seasons are upon us, and with new seasons come new changes. Clients will come and go, but what can you do to ensure that the ‘go’ number stays low? Instead of trying to salvage a relationship in its most dire state, cultivate the relationship for the full duration of the contract. Here are some tips to help maintain the connection you’ve established.

Act human

Ok, so your client has a problem that needs to be addressed. Before you go ahead and paste in your saved “online tech support” canned response, ask yourself if it’s in the least bit pertinent to the situation. If you’re struggling with the answer, odds are that it’s not. Read the question, assess your response, and say something that implies you truly understand the situation. Be less pretentious, more human.

Keep up

Just because you have a client on a monthly contract doesn’t mean you have to contact them monthly. Check in from time to time. See how they’re doing. Relating to your client on a personable level should take precedence over nearly everything. Dip slightly into the waters of your relationship, it won’t bite.

Never lower your standards

Be confident in your responses, unwavering in your policy. The slightest uncertainty in your communication can open up holes for the opposing party to exploit in the future. It’s ok to go the extra mile from time to time, but be selective in your races. You can’t run a leg for all your clients if you’re already running a marathon for one.


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