Top Reasons People Unsubscribe

In a study performed by Mashable Business, the top two reasons consumers unsubscribe to a company’s marketing campaigns are:

Emails came too frequently – 54%

The content became to repetitive of boring over time – 49%

This leads us to believe that maybe sending an email out every Monday reminding our subscribers that it is ‘Burger Night’ again isn’t such a good idea.

With that said, what can we do to revive subscribers that are simply not engaged with our campaigns anymore because we beat them to death with offers and repetitive information? Below are some fresh tips to help recapture their interest and save them from being the one that got away.

1. Send a reengagement campaign.

A reengagement campaign may be an email simply asking if they want to remain on your mailing list. Include an unsubscribe button that is clearly displayed, just in case.

It can also be something to give the subscriber an incentive to stay with you. Examples can include telling them that you will be sending less offers and more tips, tricks, and information pertinent to their business.

2. Send more useful information.

This comes back to the second reason people unsubscribe. They get it; you have a sale every 4 hours. Make them feel like your campaign is worth more to them by giving them some information (not sale related) they feel they can’t find somewhere else.

3. Think outside the box.

Give them something for free, for no reason other than to get them in the door.

For example, Red Mango gives its customers a card similar to a store card. If one of their previous customers has not recently come in, they send a “we miss you” email and tell the customer that they now have $5 on their card to encourage them to use it. This is a simple inexpensive solution to remind customers who they are and that they’re wanted back.

Of course there are endless, creative ways got get your subscribers reengaged. If you would like to see more statistics found by the Mashable Business, just follow the link.

Super Secret Tip of the Month

It is always good review your messages and see how engaged your subscribers are. Some may have not opened an email from you in 6 months. Consider letting some subscribers go in exchange for more active users who will benefit from what you have to say.

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