As an intern at Atomic DC there are a lot of great things that I’m getting to learn about and do for the first time. One of my many “first timer” experiences was last night as I attended my first Social Media Club of Dallas meeting. Our office has been slowly getting more and more excited for this event as it drew closer, but I had absolutely no idea what awaited me.

Upon arrival, I first must commend the venue. The Angelika Film Center at Mockingbird station is a really awesome place to have an event like that. The social media team walked into #SMC and it was hard not to be excited. I was nervous to start networking with people who had probably been doing this much longer than I had.  For most people there, this was not their first rodeo. It was definitely mine, and this was slightly intimidating at first. I checked in and slapped my brave face on as I stuck my name tag to my dress and proudly showed off my twitter handle for everyone to see. From there, the rest was a breeze.

I must admit that I am a talker. I love to talk to people and an event where I get to talk to people and network to my hearts content is definitely for me. Everyone is so friendly and eager to learn and make connections, which is the principle goal of any good social butterfly. I had to get my sea legs about me this first meeting, but I’m already looking forward to going to the next SMC event with a little experience under my belt.

The energy of the people there is undeniable, and the speaker, C.C. Chapman, was great. He made everyone laugh, kept us engaged, and was a relatable, real person at the same time. His passion about his book and social media marketing was evident, and his knowledge and advice was priceless. I am now one of Social Media Club of Dallas’s biggest fans. I got a great experience, some awesome new followers, and even more interesting people to follow.  Thank you to everyone who organizes, sponsors, or speaks at #SMCDallas. Looking forward to many more!

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